*Please be aware today’s blog post contains some swear words. Apologies in advance – Jack Hayes*

A few days earlier than I expected, my third book Overtime has hit the digital shelves.

The book was actually the first one I finished writing and I feel an enormous sense of both relief […]

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If you haven’t experienced the joy that is a Jack Hayes novel, your life is incomplete.

But have no fear!

For the next few days my third thriller Overtime is on free release!

Not convinced?

Well, Ian Dickerson – Chairman of the Saint Club – says this:
“Overtime is […]

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David JB Smith very kindly interviewed me for his blog.

The full interview can be read here but below is an excerpt. I’d been intending for sometime to post a blog entry on how to market using social media. This extract saves me having to type out the same ideas twice!

Has […]

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My fourth book, Candleburn, is FREE on Amazon for a couple of days and to celebrate, I thought I’d post a portion of a recent interview with Simon Duringer, author of Stray Bullet. It deals with the fine line authors tread between marketing & writing “their vision”.

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As soon as you’ve published your first book, you begin the breathless wait for your first review.

With Amazon’s algorithm – and even that crucial spark that causes word-of-mouth – relying on them, reviews will always have a place of importance.

The trouble for most authors is separating out the genuine criticism […]

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My fourth book Candleburn is on Amazon for FREE! You can download it here.

Now that I’ve got past that shameless self promotion, here’s the bit on Writer’s Block.

I know plenty of authors who suffer from it.

When I ask them why they’re stuck, they often give me a variety […]

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