Blood Red Sea (Maddox Book 2)


“Maddox, you’re thirty-two-years-old and you’ve a natural talent for soldiering,” Brigadier Carter began. “By your age, with your experience, you should have my rank. But your insubordination, your penchant for not going through the proper chain of command, your propensity for disobeying orders…”

Carter shook his head and sighed.

“I’ve never disobeyed an order,” Maddox replied stonily.

“Yes, but you’re not exactly renowned for following them, either,” Carter snapped.

“In a fashion,” Maddox replied. “From the view of an armchair.”

The year is 1944.

After five hard-fought years, the Allies are close to victory.

But Germany still has one last secret – and one that could still turn the war in its favour.

Travelling on a U-boat to Japan is a highly explosive uranium bomb, the first of its kind.

But why are the Nazis giving such a precious weapon to the Japanese?

And where might the Japanese use it?

In London, Special Operations Executive Captain Maddox is given a simple task.

Stop the U-boat at all costs.

A British, French and American team is assembled for the mission.

They will strike a mysterious island controlled by the Nazis where the U-boat is scheduled to stop.

But nothing about this job is what it appears to be.

The British, the French and the Americans all have their own agendas — and so do the Germans.

And none of them involve Captain Maddox making it to the end of the war alive.

‘Blood Red Sea’ is a full-throttle World War Two thriller that combines meticulous research with gripping story-telling to create a memorable tale of action and adventure.

It is perfect for fans of Jack Higgins and Alistair MacLean.