The American football team, the ‘Black Ears’, has a problem – not on the pitch but in the press.

Bad stories are being spread about them.

Simon Ritter is hired to clean up its image. His job is to be the first man on the scene – any potential news story has to reach him before the press, so he can cover up and neutralise any scandal.

As soon as he starts work the club’s deputy grounds-keeper asks for a meeting. But when Ritter arrives he finds the man shot dead.

As he starts investigating the murder, he finds out a Russian billionaire called Janokovic has just bought the club.

But why? And what is the true source of his fabulous wealth?

As Ritter starts to uncovers the truth he finds not only his reputation, but his life, is on the line.

And very soon it will be game on or game over for Ritter.