If you haven’t experienced the joy that is a Jack Hayes novel, your life is incomplete.

But have no fear!

For the next few days my third thriller Overtime is on free release!

Not convinced?

Well, Ian Dickerson – Chairman of the Saint Club – says this:
“Overtime is an addictive read which had me hooked from the very first chapter.”

Meanwhile, Roger Hurn – author of No.1 best sellers “Business is Murder” & “Hand of Darkness” – says:
“Jack Hayes has crafted a high octane thriller that is perfectly executed, full of plot twists and has a tough guy hero who is sharp as a switch blade but who is also infused with an innate sense of decency. This is a cracking read!”

If that’s still not enough for you… how about Robert Foster:
“Overtime brilliantly mixes big-time sport and big-time money to create a roller-coaster read.”

Or even Tom Kasey:
“Explosive action!”

Plus, did I mention it’s FREE? Check it out: Jack Hayes’ Overtime

posted by Jack Hayes
on May, 24